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How to edit staff members and assign categories
How to edit staff members and assign categories

Edit or staff member accounts and assign categories to fieldworkers

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Once you have created a member of staff, you can quite simply edit their information or delete their account.

Editing a Staff Member

From the 'Settings' menu, go to 'Staff Members'.

By selecting 'View' beside the staff member of your choice, you can edit the information of each member of staff providing you have been granted the relevant permission level.

From the Staff Member edit screen you can now assign categories for your field workers.

Assigning categories

Once you have defined your categories either manually or by using the template (see 'Creating Categories'), you can assign the relevant category to each staff member.ย 

Categories are a way of assigning skill sets to your employees and are used across the app to filter quotes, jobs and staff by the appropriate skill set.

Select the relevant skills for each employee. By default, Workforce will pre-select all sub-categories but you can individually select or deselect these by using the tickboxes.

Don't forget to select 'Update' once you have finished to save your changes.

Deleting a Staff Member

From the 'Settings' menu, go to 'Staff Members'.

Select 'View' beside the staff member you wish to delete.

From their profile screen, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Delete'.

You will be presented with a window which warns you that the action you are about to perform cannot be undone and that all pending jobs for this user will revert to 'Pending' status. However, any jobs completed by this user will remain intact.

If you are sure that you wish to delete the user then select 'Delete', if not, press 'Cancel'.

You will then either be returned to the main 'Staff Members' page (if user is deleted) or back to the edit staff page.

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