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Filling in time logs from the Fieldworker App
Filling in time logs from the Fieldworker App

How to fill in time logs from the Fieldworker mobile App

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There are multiple ways to fill in your weekly Timesheets directly from the Fieldworker mobile App depending on the permissions you have been given and the way your company works.

  1. Blank canvas: You create and fill in your own time logs and expenses as and when required

  2. Time templates: Your company sets up pre filled templates for you to confirm or adjust on a daily basis

  3. Time logs per job/quote: You will need to add time per job or quote you complete, the templates will already be setup for you, so all you have to do if confirm or edit the time.

Bonus: you can watch our full Mobile App Overview video right here.

Navigating Timesheets

There are two places where you can add or fill in timesheet records

1. From the timesheet & Expenses tab

You can fill in your time logs and expenses directly from the timesheet & expenses tab.

If your company provide templates for you to fill in, you will see them ready to be filled (screen 1 below) or if you need to create a new record yourself you will see screen 2 below.

2. Within a job

If you're required to track time on a job by job basis, you can also fill in from within the job. To do this, go into the job > go to timesheets > Add or fill in a template

How to Fill in a time log

If you are filling in a time log that is templated, most of the information should be available right away and you will need to simply confirm the time is correct or add / edit your time. If you are filling in a blank canvas template, All information will need to be entered from scratch.

Job / Quote based template

Job and quote based time log templates will contain 3 clickable boxes. Two of which (boxes one and two) are there to help you make filling in your time record faster and will populate box three for you.

  1. Scheduled time: this is the total scheduled duration of the job, if you want to use this to populate your total time, click it, which will fill in box 3 and turn it green to show the time log has been filled in.

  2. Tracked time: If you have been using the job time tracker to time your job, box two will show the time you've tracked which you can click and populate box three.

  3. Total time: This is the most important box, which must be filled in to submit your time log. It is the total time spent on the job which you can either manually enter by tapping the box or by tapping on boxes one or two if you want to use tracked or scheduled time to populate it. Once the box has been populated, it will turn green to confirm that the time log record has been completed. You can still edit it providing the timesheet has not been submitted by tapping the green box.

Time templates (not connected to a job or quote)

Standard time log templates let your company set up pre filled templates for you to confirm or adjust on a daily basis.

If an amount of time has already been populated by your company you will see it in the total time box in white. if the total is correct, you can click it to confirm which will turn it green. If the total needs adjusting, or there is no current time in there, you can click it again or tap the arrow to the right hand side to add or edit the time log and change the duration.

Blank canvas time log

If you are entering your own new time log records, you can do this by clicking the Add new buttons across the time log screens. You can find these by going to the timesheet and expenses tab, or by going into timesheets from within a job.

Filling out or editing a new or existing time log

This can be done by clicking the "+ or Add button" or by tapping the brick or arrow to take you to the edit/add screen.

1. Time-log category

Select the type of time-log you are trying to create. If its related to a job or work you are doing you can select “Job”. this will let you (optionally) choose a job its related to. You can still use the jobs option if you are tracking overall daily amount of time you have spent working. Other categories can also be selected such as travel or personal appointments etc.

2. Type of duration

Choose if you want to add a log date based e.g. 9am on the 1st to 11am on the 1st, or if you want to just add a duration e.g. 2 hours.

3. Overtime

If this Time-log was completed out of hours and your office need to know this, then use the overtime switch.

4. Description

Provide a general description of the time-log that can be seen once submitted, e.g. “Tine spent working today” “Time spent travelling” etc.

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