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Recommended Browsers

Browsers we recommend you use to get the best user experience from Workforce

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Why do we recommend browsers?

Workever has been built using modern web standards to give the best possible user experience for our customers. Although we aim for our software to be usable on all different devices and browsers, not all are capable of running the full set of features.

Therefore, we currently extensively test and support two browsers which we would recommend that you use.

1st Choice: Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world. Its fast, free, easy to use, well supported and reliable with all new technologies. This is, amongst other things, the reason why it’s our top recommendation for using Workever.

2nd Choice: Firefox

Firefox is another free, popular and reliable browser. The browser is updated regularly by its owners Mozilla and works well with Workever which is why it’s our second choice browser for stable Workforce usage.

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