Workever has a central contacts database in which you can store details of your customers, suppliers and contractors. 

You can also use the contacts database to create and store site address records and assign these sites to a customer contact.

Creating, editing and deleting contacts is very straightforward.

Accessing the Contacts Database

You can find the contacts database on the left hand menu bar under 'Contacts':

Adding a New Contact

From the main contacts screen you can add a new contact (see help files, 'How to add a new customer (commercial or domestic)' and 'How to add a contractor or supplier' for further information):

Editing Contacts

To edit the detail of one of your contacts, select the 'View' icon to the right of the customer record you wish to edit. 

Then select the 'Edit' button from the left hand sub-menu.

In the edit mode, you can make any adjustments to your contact record. Just remember that you will need to select the 'Save' button to commit changes to the record.

Deleting a Contact Record

To permanent remove a contact record, select the 'View' icon to the right of the customer record you wish to delete. 

you then need to press "Edit"

Then select the 'Delete Contact' button from the left hand sub-menu.

You will be prompted to confirm your selection and advised as to how many files this would impact including any quotes, jobs, invoices, payments and files/notes previously assigned to the contact.

Please note that when a contact record has been deleted the action cannot be undone.

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