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How to create a stock item
How to create a stock item

Using Workever to manage your stock inventory (create a stock item, location and set alerts for low stock levels)

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We've made it even easier to integrate Workever as a comprehensive app to manage stock inventories as well as stock locations. We've even incorporated an alert system to advise you when stock levels are getting low so these can be replenished.

You can select an item from stock for any job that you create. Completion of a job will deplete the stock levels from the appropriate location and, when levels reach the custom defined alert level, the system will generate a reminder to order new stock.

Accessing Stock Management

You can find the stock management element of the system by navigating to the 'Settings' menu from the left hand menu bar and then to the 'Financial Settings' sub-menu.

You can then find the Stock & Locations section from the left sub-menu.

Creating a New Stock Item

To create a new stock item, select the 'Add New' icon which will launch a pop-up window:

In this window you can define each individual item of stock, including:

  • Name

  • Product code

  • Tax rates

  • Account code

  • Buy price

  • Sale price

  • Discount

  • Markup

  • Detailed description

By marking the item as 'Active' it will determine whether the system offers this particular stock item when adding cost/stock items to jobs, quotes and standalone invoices. This is a useful feature if you wish to place a hold on any particular items of stock due to internal reasons.

Setting Stock Levels

Once you have defined an item of stock, you can establish quantities of stock held in each location you have defined as well as the quantity at which you would like to receive an alert for low stock levels.

To add stock at multiple locations, simply add the plus icon to the right of the stock location line.

Once you have finished adding stock at each location, select save to confirm the stock record.

Adding a Stock Location

You can set up new locations for stock to suit your business; this can be for each van in your fleet as well as on-site customer locations or internal storage facilities.

To add a new stock location, navigate to the main 'Stock & Locations' interface and select 'Add new location' from the top right of the screen:

This will launch a new pop-up window from which you can simply define a location using a short Location Name and longer description.

Select 'Save' to store this stock location record to the system.

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