Your customers can now request jobs through the Online Booking Form without needing to login. For them to be able to do this you will need to integrate the Online Booking form to your account or simply send them the Online booking form Share Link.

How to request a new job through the Online Booking Form

After your customer gets the link or visits your website and clicks the link/button on your website they will get the following Form through which they can request a job.

On the Online booking form your customers can see the default fields and the custom fields that you allowed the users to see when setting up the Online booking Form.

The fields displayed by default are:

What service do you require? - If there are no Job Templates set up for the Online booking form your customers can manually type in the type of job they want to request. If Job Templates are added for the Online booking form, the job templates will be displayed here as drop-down options.

Please provide service description - Your customers can type a short description of the works they want to request.

If available, when's a good time and day? - The customer can choose the date and the time of the requested jobs. If Business Hours are set up they will only be able to choose the days of the week when your business is open and only select a time interval in which your business is open.

After all of the job details are added the customer you will need to click the 'Continue' button

The customer will then need to fill in their personal details like First Name, Last Name, Contact Details and Address Details

Finally the customer will need to click the 'Book now' button to confirm the job and contact details and send the job to your Workever account.

After the customer books the job, it will be displayed on your Workever account under the Requested status.

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