Setting up the Online Booking Form

How to set up your self service Online Booking Form so customers can book jobs with you

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The Online Booking Form is a feature that allows your customers to easily book jobs through your website or using a dedicated link.

If you do not want to embed a link on your website, you can also just send the link to your customers and they can request jobs directly via the hosted link which opens a booking page.

How to set up the Online Booking Form for your account

  • Click 'Settings' in the left hand menu bar

  • Click the 'Company Settings' option

  • Click 'Online booking requests' section from the left hand side

  • Enable using the blue feature on/off slider

  • Click 'Save' in the bottom right corner

Add Custom Fields to the Online Booking Form

Go to the 'Form Options' section just beneath the feature on/off slider and click the 'Custom Fields' button to get redirected to the Custom Fields section.

Here you can add a new Job custom field or select an existing Job custom field and tick the 'Show in online booking' option. After doing this, the selected custom fields will be displayed on the Online Booking Form.

Allow customers to select a Job Template

You can choose to allow your customers to select from any number of your existing Job Templates by enabling the 'Allow customers to select a job template' option.

Choosing which Job Templates are displayed on the Online Booking Form

Then, in Settings > Company Settings > Job Templates > you can choose which Job Templates are displayed on the Online Booking Form. You can select the 'Can be used for Online Booking' in order to display the Job Template on the Online Booking Form.

You can also set the Online Booking Form to only allow users to request jobs based on your company's Business Hours. After doing this, the system will not allow your customers to request jobs outside of your business hours:

You can also choose how many days in advance the jobs can be requested, by using the 'Allow requests a minimum of X Day(s) away' setting.

For example if 'Allow requests a minimum of 1 Day(s) away' is selected, the system will not let users request a job on the current day, the earliest they will be able to book will be tomorrow. Likewise, if you select '2 days' the user will only be able to request a job will be 2 days away:

Important: After making any changes in this section please make sure to click the 'Save' button in the bottom right corner, in order for the changes to be saved:

Sharing and embedding

After setting up the Online Booking Form you should be ready to send the link to your customers or embed the Online Booking link on your website.

You can simply click the 'Copy Link' button and then send the Online Booking link to your customers/leads, in case your company doesn't have a website or if you do not want all of the customers visiting your website to be allowed to request jobs.

In order to configure how the Online Booking Form is displayed on your website you will need to click the 'Embed Form' button:

After clicking the 'Embed Form' button, the system will display a pop-up window where you can configure how the form looks on your website:

  1. Type - you can choose the 'Embed Line' option in which case the Online booking form will be displayed as an inline element on your website. Or you can choose the 'Embed using a Pop up' in which case the Online booking form will be added as a pop-up window on your website.

  2. Branding - here you can choose the Button Colour, the Text Colour, the Button Text and Corners.

  3. Security - you can whitelist your website domain, this way our security protocols will allow the jobs sent from your website to be sent to your Workever account.

  4. Website code - this is the HTML snippet that you will need to add to your website in order for the Online Booking Form to be displayed and function properly.

  5. Save - save your changes after setting up the Online Booking Form.

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