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How to Create a Project Job
How to Create a Project Job

Using Project Jobs to create individual sub jobs to an overall project.

Updated over a week ago

If you take on jobs where different trades people need to be scheduled at different stages and times within the same overall Project – then this is the feature you want. 

New partitionwall 

  • Build the wall

  • Install switches and sockets

  • Paint wall


  1. Create a new job (ex. ‘Partition wall’) and save

  2. Inside the job – find ‘Project jobs’ tab in the left hand column and click it

  3. Click the ‘Add new project job’ button to add the 3 stages (‘Build wall’, ‘Install switches’, ‘Paint wall’)


  1. Create a new job as normal

  2. Add stage jobs in ‘Project jobs’ tab

Create a new job

Create a new job and click ‘Save’

Add project jobs

Go to ‘Project jobs’ tab in the left column and click ‘Add new project job’ button (or use the option drop-down button to duplicate the main job and Edit).

Add all details including assigning the job to a field staff (or multiple staff).

Repeat until you have added all jobs for your project. Once you are done – you have completed creating the Project job. At the end it will look something like this in the Project Jobs section: 

And like this in the general Jobs section

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