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Add documents to all recurring jobs

How to add a document or images to the master and all child recurring jobs

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How to add the same documents to multiple recurring jobs.

This feature will allow you to add a document(s) to all instances of a recurring job by adding them to the master job that you setup

1. Access the add job button

2. Fill in job details and scroll down to recurrences.

3. Choose the frequency of the jobs (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or custom) and then Save.

4. After the job has been saved, click the Edit Job button, go to Files & Notes and select the document(s) you want to add. Save changes and choose the option to 'Change All Jobs'.

5. Go to the Recurring section on the left and check out one of the recurring jobs you have created. There you will see that the files have been added to all instances of this job.

NOTE: Adding files to one of your future recurrences will only add it to that particular recurrence. If you want it on all recurrences, you must go to the first (master) recurrence and add the file 

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