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How to batch delete a recurring job
How to batch delete a recurring job

How you delete a particular instance of a recurring job or the full recurring job

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How to delete all future instances of a recurring job.

  1. To delete all recurring jobs you will have to view the main job and access the Delete button.

2. Select Delete to remove all recurring jobs, including the main job or Cancel to cancel this action.

How to delete all instances of a recurring job starting with a specific instance.

1. Select an instance of a recurring job (that is not the main job) and view it.

2. Access the delete button and select an option from the drop down menu.

  • Delete only this recurrence;

  • Delete all future recurrences – only deletes future recurrences starting with the selected instance;

  • Delete all recurrences – deletes all future and past recurrences;

  • Delete all recurrences including Completed jobs;

  • Delete all recurrences, including Completed Jobs and associated invoices;

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