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Syncing Appointments to your external calendar from the Web Application
Syncing Appointments to your external calendar from the Web Application

Sync your appointments in Workever to the leading calendar Apps including Outlook, Gmail, Exchange and iCloud

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The calendar integration allows you to sync over appointments that are assigned to you directly onto your external calendar. The following appointment types can be synced

  1. Jobs


  3. Events

Calendars currently supported 

  • Outlook, Exchange, Google Calendar and iCloud

How to connect?

To connect your calendar, you need to go to Settings, go to Integrations and then click the Connect Calendar from the left hand side.

Then you need to click the "Add new account" button.

After clicking the "Add new account" button the system will redirect you to a page where you will have to input the e-mail address connected to the calendar 

After adding your email address, click sign in which will connect the calendar with your Workforce account.

Setting up the new calendar integration

After connecting your account to the Workforce, you can set up what you want to sync from Workforce to the Calendar. The system will sync Jobs, Quote and Events by default, if you only want to sync some of these elements you can choose which ones to sync.

You can also choose what calendar to sync to, whether it be your main calendar or anyone you choose. 

IMPORTANT NOTE! When connecting to a Google account you will need to choose your email address from the Calendar to sync list. When connecting to an Outlook account you will need to choose the Calendar option from the Calendar to sync list.

If you want to disable the Calendar sync temporarily you can do this by clicking the Calendar Sync Settings option and disabling it. This will mark the calendar account as Inactive and it will stop the sync process between the two accounts until it is enabled again.

After making any changes make sure you click the Save button and this will apply changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE! When connecting to Workever with a calendar/e-mail account the system will not integrate that account for all Workever users, only the user that is logged in and performing the action. Each user who wants to sync appointments needs to login on their device (either web or mobile and connect).

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