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Syncing Appointments to your external calendar from the Fieldworker Mobile App
Syncing Appointments to your external calendar from the Fieldworker Mobile App

Sync your appointments in Workever to the leading calendar Apps including Outlook, Gmail, Exchange, iCloud and more

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The calendar integration allows you to sync over appointments that are assigned to you directly onto your external calendar. The following appointment types can be synced

  1. Jobs


Bonus: you can watch our full Mobile App Overview video right here.

How to connect 

Login to the mobile App and go to the More button at the bottom right hand side of the screen > click Connect Calendar option.

After clicking "Connect Calendar", the system will redirect you to a page where they you can enter your credentials and sign in to connect your calendar with Workever

Setting up the new calendar integration

After connecting your account, you can set up what information you want to sync from Workever to the Calendar. This is based on the fieldworker role and permissions. If the Fieldworker has access to both jobs and quotes, then they can choose to sync both, or if not, it will just be jobs as default. 

You can also select what calendar you'd like your appointments synced to (If you have more than one).

After choosing what information you want to sync, press connect and the setup will be active.

IMPORTANT NOTE! When connecting to Workever with a calendar/e-mail account the system will not integrate that account for all Workever users, only the user that is logged in and performing the action. This allows multiple users to integrate their own individual calendars to their Workever users. 

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