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On my way Tracking

Let customers know you're on your way and provide an ETA of arrival

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When you or your fieldworker updates the job to travelling (or whatever you have renamed it if you are using a custom status name), you can now let the customer know you are on your way via Email and/or SMS and also provide a link where they can track the location of the Fieldworker on the map and provide an ETA of arrival based on their current distance from the property which is worked out automatically.

How to set up on my way tracking

Enable the feature in settings

Go to Settings > Work Settings > On my way tracking

1. Ensure that the switch for "Allowing customers to see the location" is on.

2. Decide if you want customers to see the email and telephone number of the fieldworker coming. If you do want this, leave it as is, if not switch on "Hide fieldworker contact details" and then click Save

Update your messaging settings if required

As default for new customers, we will pre populate the On my Way link into your travelling email and SMS message template (if you use them), in the Settings > Messages & Communications section. This means that there is nothing for you to do and the feature is ready to use unless you want to make changes. If you are an existing customer you will need to manually insert your link following the steps below.

1. You will need to ensure your travelling to job email template is enabled

2. If you want an SMS message sent with the link in ensure that the SMS notification switch is also turned on.

3. You can move the job tracking link wherever you want. You can either copy and paste it somewhere else in the email or delete it and re-add it from the list of variables on the right hand side

Once you have completed the above, click save.

What your customers will see?

Customers will see a View location button in the email they receive or a clickable link if they are opening a message via SMS

Once the link or button has been clicked, they will see the fieldworkers name, the fieldworker on a map with current location, the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and the fieldworkers contact details (email and telephone that can be clicked, but can be hidden if from settings).

Viewing from a mobile device

Viewing from a computer

Things to bare in mind & limitations when using this feature

1. Multi worker jobs: If you have a job scheduled to multiple workers, the arrival time will be "Unknown" if the status has been updated from in the office. If the status is updated by the fieldworker then the ETA will be shown for the the fieldworker who updated the status.

2. Fieldworkers with location tracking off: If your fieldworkers have not accepted location tracking on their mobile devices, Workforce will not receive their location and the Estimated arrival will always be Unknown

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