Timesheets overview

Give your Fieldworkers and Office staff an easy way to fill in and manage weekly timesheets

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Timesheets allow you to get accurate hours and expense data from your fieldworkers instantly.

You can allow your field team to create time logs and expenses in a way that works best for you. Timesheets are submitted weekly to be checked and approved.

Flexibility dependent on the way you work

Our timesheets are flexible and you can use them in a few ways depending on how you work and how you want your data captured

  1. Blank canvas: If you want Fieldworkers to add their own time logs on a blank canvas, you can do this. It means they create their own logs, call them what they want, and submit them.

  2. Time templates: You can setup templates for Fieldworkers to fill in. This works well, if for example you want them to track one log of time per day, one log for travel etc. It helps you control exactly what they add to the timesheet.

  3. Time logs per job/quote: If you want Fieldworkers to granularly submit time for each job or quote, you can do this and we will create time log records to be filled in on each appointment.

Please note, you can also use a combination of all of the above or a mixture to suit your requirements.

Fill in from anywhere, Approve in seconds

Timesheets can be filled out from in the office or out in the field for Fieldworkers, giving Fieldworker an easy way to submit, or giving the office a way to capture data for fieldworkers and make changes if required.

Its also really easy to check and Approve timesheets from the dashboard. You can also batch approve submitted timesheets at once to save time.

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