Managing timesheets from the Web App

How to manage timesheets in the Web Application

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Admin staff can manage timesheets from the timesheets tab located in the left hand menu.

When you first land on the timesheets home screen, you will be presented with a list of all of your fieldworkers in the current week (timesheets run on a weekly basis).

Navigating Timesheets


Timesheets are split into statuses based on where they are in their lifecycle.

  • Open: This means that the fieldworker has not submitted the timesheet yet and it is open for them to create, update or remove time logs and expenses

  • Submitted: Fieldworker has submitted the timesheet and its ready to be checked (time logs within the timesheet are no longer editable at this point)

  • Approved: Timesheet has been checked and has been approved to be paid

  • Declined: Timesheet has been checked, but there is a problem and has been declined by admin

Search & filtering

There are multiple ways to filter and search timesheets listed below

  1. Main filter: As used across the rest of the system, will let you filter by staff members or expense amounts

  2. Date selector: this will allow you to pick a date and navigate to a new day/week

  3. View mode: Select how you want to view. You can view in Day or Week mode

  4. Keyword search: Search timesheets by a keyword. Please note it will search the week or day you are on.

  5. Status filter: Click on a particular status, or All to see records for the period you are looking at.

  6. Change week: Another way to easily change a week, or quickly navigate back to the current week.

You can also view all timesheets that need approving by clicking the "All to approve" option

Viewing Fieldworker timesheets

You can view fieldworker timesheets from the main screen which will show you all Fieldworkers timesheets for the current week. You can scroll backwards and forwards weeks as required.

If you want to see a particular Fieldworkers timesheet only, you can click the view button on a timesheet record which will bring you to the fieldworkers timesheet page which can be scrolled through week by week with the ability to also drill down into days.

Week view of Fieldworker timesheet

Day view of Fieldworker timesheet

Changing the status of timesheets

You can update the status of a timesheet by using the batch option from the main timesheet screen, or by going into a timesheet for a fieldworker and updating the status using the dropdown.

More information on timesheet statuses can be found in this article -> Approving or Declining timesheets from the web app.

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