Creating an expense from the Web App

How to create expenses from the Web Application

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Expenses can be created from in the office via the Web App on behalf of a fieldworker.

How to create an expense

Expenses can be created from the main timesheets screen or by going into an individual Fieldworkers timesheet and adding the expense from there (anywhere you see the + Add button)

Fill in the expense record

Fill in all of the key expense details

  1. Staff member the expense is for

  2. Date of expense

  3. Expense Name

  4. Amount

  5. Description

  6. Job (this is optional and will allow you to select a job that the expense is against)

Once you have filled in data, Press "Save" or "Save and Add more" if you want to add additional expense items.

This will add the expense to the timesheet week your date is included in for the Fieldworker selected

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