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Adding a reminder
Adding a reminder

How to add an internal reminder or a service reminder

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Reminders give you a handy way of keeping track of tasks to be done both internally and for customers.

Example use cases

  • Internal reminder to MOT one of the vehicles 

  • Service reminder to let a customer know their annual safety certificate expires in 14 days time

  • Internal reminder to order more stationary

  • Service reminder to let a customer know their fire alarms need to be changed in one months time

The Basic's

  1. There are two types of reminders. Service reminders (related to a customer/site e.g reminding a customer a service needs to be done) and Internal reminders (internal tasks to be done such as order parts). 

  2. reminders can have two statuses. Active (still to be done) and Completed (already done). 

Adding a reminder

To add a reminder head to the "reminders tab" which can be found in the left hand menu and then click "Add reminder"

Reminder type: choose weather the reminder is "internal" or a "service reminder". If its a service reminder you can choose a "customer" and if required a "customer site address". 

You can then proceed to giving your reminder a title, description, date to be done and choose weather its a one off reminder or if its a repeat reminder to be done on a regular basis. An example of a repeat reminder maybe ordering stationary monthly or reminding a customer about a monthly service.

Email reminder

You can setup an email to be sent to someone in office (if its an internal reminder) or to the customer (if its a service reminder). You can also send to more than one person (by clicking the plus icon next to  the email box) . To do this tick "Email reminder"

Email templates can be created from the messages & communication section. They can also be edited at the point of sending them.

Marking a task complete

Once you have completed your task, you can mark it complete by clicking the "done" button on the right hand side of the reminder

Other things you can do from the reminder list view

  1. Batch mark reminders "done", batch delete reminders, export reminders in an excel spreadsheet

  2. Search reminders by keyword

  3. Filter reminders by status (Active, Done)

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