Adding an uploaded file and/or text note to a contact can be done easily from within each contact record

Adding a note

You can add as many text notes as you wish to a customer record and these will be displayed alongside any jobs associated with that customer. 

Select 'Contacts' from the left hand menu pane and select 'View' alongside the customer you wish to add a note to:

From the sub-menu, select 'Files and Notes':

Type the note you wish to add in the text box:

Selecting 'Internal' will determine whether the note can be viewed by field workers or just as an internal note for office staff.

Once complete, select 'Done' to save the note to the system.

Adding a File

Files can be uploaded and attached to a contact. This can be used to upload job templates, specific instructions, terms and conditions or work permits.

Select 'Customers' from the left hand menu pane and select 'View' alongside the customer you wish to add a file to. From the sub-menu, select 'Files and Notes' and then select 'Add File':

A pop-up window will give you the option to select a file from your computer or network. Click 'Add Files' to browse your directory.

Once you have chosen a file, you can rename it before selecting 'Upload' to save it to your chosen customer record:

Sharing Files from a Customer Record

Once you have uploaded files to the system you will notice that a new option becomes available; 'Share Files'.

All files that are uploaded may be shared using the email feature. 

Sharing a single or multiple file(s) is a simple process of selecting the file record(s) you wish to share and clicking on 'Share Files':

A pop-up window will then allow you to enter the email address of your chosen recipients as well as a subject header and body message content:

Selecting 'Send' will deliver the email and the attached file to your chosen recipient.

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