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Sending Quotes to a Customer
Sending Quotes to a Customer

How to send a copy of a quote to a customer

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You can use the 'Send Quote' function to simply indicate to the system that a copy of the quote has been sent or you can use it to deliver an electronic copy of the quotation directly by email.

Sending a quote to the client

To send a copy of the quote to a client, highlight the relevant quote from the main quotes dashboard, select 'View':

You will now be taken to a higher level view of the quote that you have selected that gives you a number of new options:

  • Accepted?

  • Rejected?

  • Send Quote

  • Edit Quote

  • Cancel Quote

  • Delete Quote

By selecting 'Send Quote', you can send an email copy of the quote along with any additional files (terms and conditions, prior job sheets etc). Note: These files are separate to those already uploaded when adding a new quote (see 'Adding quotes' for further information). 

A pop-up window will provide you with options for sending the quotation.

You can send a copy of the quote via email to numerous addressed by selecting the plus symbol next to the email text field. You can use this to send a copy internally if you like.

Where a customer email is already defined, this field will already be populated.

To add a file to accompany the quote, select the '+ Add files' selection and choose the target file to upload.

Once you have attached the relevant paperwork and are ready to send your quote, select 'Send Quote'.

An email will be generated using the quote template saved under the settings menu and delivered with any accompanying files to the email recipients.

Once sent, you will be returned to the quote action page where the status of the quote will have changed from 'Draft' to 'Sent'. 

You can use this option to resend the quote to your original recipient or to a new destination.

 In addition, the option to 'Send Quote' has now changed to 'Resend'. You now also have the option to 'View Quote' and 'Download Quote'. 

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