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Converting Quotes to Jobs
Converting Quotes to Jobs

How to mark a quote as 'accepted' and convert this into a job

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Once a quote has been raised and sent to a customer it will remain in the quote side of the system until it has been deleted, cancelled, accepted or rejected.

You can view the status of any job using the filters (see 'Filtering Quotes' for more details).

Converting a quote into a job

Once a quote has been accepted by your client then it is a simple process to convert the details of the quotation to an active job.

Open the 'Quotes' dashboard by selecting 'Quotes' from the main menu under the 'Jobs' section:

Before you can convert a quote to a job, you must first mark the quote as 'Accepted'. There are two ways to mark a quote (or multiple quotes) as being 'Accepted'.

Manually accepting a quote

Select the 'View' function beside the quote you wish to accept and you will be presented with the action window for that individual quote.

Select the green 'Accepted?' button and the quote will be marked as being accepted.

Accepting multiple quotes

If you have a batch of quotes to mark as being accepted then you can do this via the main quotes dashboard. You can also mark individual quotes as being accepted in the same way.

Simply check the radial box to the left of the quotes you wish to change the status of and, using the drop down menu, select 'Mark Accepted' and click 'Apply'.

The status of these quotes will automatically be updated to reflect that they have now been accepted.

Converting accepted quotes to jobs

Once a quote has been accepted it will remain in the quote section of the system until you convert it into a job.

You can convert a quote by viewing each quote's individual action page.

Select the 'View' button to the right of the quote you wish to convert into a job and then select the button on the sub-menu, marked 'Convert to Job'.

All of the quote detail will now be transferred to the 'Jobs' section of the system with a default status of 'Pending'.

Once you select 'Convert to Job' the window will automatically refresh displaying the quote as a job. In the 'Job' view you can:

  • Add further information.

  • Assign the job to a field worker.

  • Amend, add or remove cost items.

  • Amend, add or remove files and notes.

For more information on how to change the information relating to a job, see the 'Adding a new job to Workforce' help files for details.

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