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Setting up quote statuses
Setting up quote statuses

How to customise and use your own quote statuses

Updated over a week ago

Workever gives you the option to customise your quote statuses to match your current workflows

As default we currently include the following 

  • Draft: starting to create the quote but not finished or sent to the customer 

  • Draft Completed: quote create via the web app or mobile app but not sent to customer 

  • Sent: quote sent to the customer 

  • On-Hold: Quote has been put on hold

  • Accepted: Quote has been accepted by the customer 

  • Rejected: Quote has been rejected by the customer

Changing the name of your statuses 

You have the ability to amend the names of any of these statuses, however they cannot be deleted - change the name by typing in the status box and then saving 

Changing the order of your statuses 

You can drag and drop change the order of any of your statuses by clicking to the right hand side of the status you want to move and dragging it up or down 

Add new statuses 

if you would like to add additional statuses to your workflow, click the "Add status" link just below your current statuses. This will drop down a new status box where you can add the name of your status. Don't forget to save

Changing the colour if your status icons 

To change the colour of your status icons, click the diamond icon which will allow you to choose a colour. Remember to save once you have selected your new colour. 

Resetting statuses

If you would like to go back to default statuses and remove any new custom statuses you create, you can do this by clicking "Reset all statuses

If you would like to keep your custom statuses but reset the names of all of the system default statuses then you can use "Reset statuses to default names"

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