Customer portal statuses

Adding, updating and using custom and system statuses in the Customer Portal

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When the customer portal has been enabled you will find that there are a few new statuses that appear

Jobs & Quote statuses

Within the jobs and quotes section, as default when you have the customer portal enabled you will find a "requested status". This is the status where your jobs and quotes that customers book via the portal end up so that you know that they have been created directly by customers. You will also see a message icon appear to the right hand side which is for portal communication when a customer messages you (it's not an actual status)

Mapping and customising statuses

You also have the ability to add and update your quote or job status settings so that customers using the portal either do not see a status or see it mapped name wise as another status. To configure your Quote or Job status settings you will need to go to Settings > Work Settings > Quote statuses or Settings > Work Settings > Job statuses

You then have the following options 

  1. Column one: "Web app statuses" - you can update the names of your quote or job statuses that will show across the system - these are primarily the statuses that you and your staff will see in office and on the mobile apps. 

  2. Column two: "Customer Portal mapping" - you may not want to show your customers some statuses for example you may want "on hold" to show as "Sent" for the customer in the portal, you have the ability to do this by using the dropdown and mapping it to "sent". 

  3. Column three: "Customer Portal naming" - you may want to name your status somthing different, but only for your customers to see. You can do this by renaming a status whatever you like - for example you may want "requested" to show as "submitted" for customers via the portal,  thats possible using Customer Portal naming

Status colours, Order of statuses & Adding new statuses



 You can change the colour of a portal status by clicking on the diamond (quotes) or Circle (Jobs), choosing the colour you wish to use and saving. You can also have a status with one colour for you internally but show as a different colour in the portal 

Order of statuses

The order of your statuses can also be changed by dragging and dropping the status in the first column. This will allow you to rearrange in the order that best suits your business. This will be reflected both internally and in the Customer Portal 

Adding a new status

Its really easy to add a new status, just click the add status link which can be found underneath the list of your statuses towards the bottom of the page. Once you've added a new status, don't forget to save

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