Customer Portal overview and setup

How to setup and give your customers access to the customer portal

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Customer Portal

The Customer Portal gives you a way of letting some or all of your customers access a secure online area with a login.

They will have the ability (depending on the permissions you provide them with) to do the following:

  • Request a new Quote or Job 

  • View existing Quotes, Jobs and Invoices

  • Process payments against invoices (If you have Stripe card payments enabled)

  • Two way messaging between you and the customer on jobs, quotes and invoices

Setting up your Customer Portal 

Turning the Customer Portal on

As default your customer portal will be turned on. You can manage this by going to settings and scrolling to the bottom of the page. This is where you will also see what modules you want your customers to see. If you would like only one or two customers not to have access to a particular module you can manage this from within that particular customer when setting up the user's profile or when viewing the user's profile.

Setting up the portal for a customer 

when you wish to give a customer access to the Portal, you can do this by going into the contacts section > Find the contact you're looking for and go into the contact. You should then see the customer portal tab down the left hand side 

As default the portal will be active, which means that when you setup a username and password and provide it to the customer, it will be ready for use.

How customers login 

customers access the portal via a URL which can be customised for each customer. You can do this by changing the portal identifier which will add something unique to the end of the URL e.g.
See example screenshot below:

If you would like to add a button on your website, you can use a global link to the portal which is: (you need to replace mycompanyname with your subdomain name that you use to access your account

Branding the Customer Portal

Whats great about the portal is you have the ability to customise the branding for all of your customers. You can change the colour of the portal as well as add your customers logo 

Adding a logo can be done by clicking the add logo button which will allow you to select a file from your computer and save it. 

Change the portal colour by using the Accent colour selector above, select the colour you wish to use and then press the SAVE button on page for this to become active.

Setting up a portal user

You can setup one or multiple users for each of your customers entering their details below. You can also choose what permissions you'd like them to have e.g. you can hide quotes from them or show just invoices etc.

If you'd like to setup a second user for this customer you can press the Add portal user button

Once you have finished adding all of the details remember to press SAVE at the bottom of the page. 

Deactivating the Customer Portal 

If for any reason you'd like to turn off your customers portal, there's two ways to do it. 

Turn off the portal for a particular customer: To do this go into the customer via the contacts section > go to the Customer Portal tab > change the switch from on to off 

Turn off the Portal for All customers: If you'd like to turn the portal off for all of your customers, you can head to the settings section > scroll to the bottom of the page > turn the switch off in the customer portal section > press SAVE at the bottom of the page 

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