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Stripe credit and debit card payments
Stripe credit and debit card payments

How to accept credit and debit card payments on mobile and Web in Workforce

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Its really easy to start processing card payments from within Workever (it can be done in two minutes)

Our payment integration with Stripe Payments allows you to create invoice from with workever on the desktop or mobile Apps and then process a card payment, and have that money deposited in your bank within 7 days. 

You can also setup hosted payment links so that customers can Pay an invoice themselves via a payment link which can be sent to them manually or automatically via email. See info here:

To get started you need to go to settings > Integrations 


Scroll down to stripe and then click Connect, which will direct you to the stripe Signup/ Sign in page.

Setting up Stripe Account 

Existing users

If you already have a Stripe account you can proceed to click the sign in link and enter your credentials.


New Users

If you are new to Stripe it only takes a few minutes to get setup and start taking payment. 

you will need the following details

  • Company details

  • Bank details (where you want payments to be sent)

  • Personal details (basic name, D.O.B, Address)


Once you have completed your details, your account with Stripe will be setup and you will be redirected back to workforce. You should also see your integration show "Active"

Processing payments

Payments via the admin web console

Now that Payment processing has been connected, when you go into an invoice > Cost & Payments button you will be able to process a payment via card which will be sent directly to your bank account (generally within 7 days of payment)


Payments via the mobile Apps

Fieldworkers can easily process payments against invoices from within the iOS and Android mobile Apps. They must have access to cost & invoicing. To do so they will need to follow the steps below:

  • Once a job has been marked complete the fieldworker can go into the cost, time and invoicing section and generate the invoice (if it has not already been generated)

Click "Create invoice" once all of the cost items are correct and generate the invoice.

  • Fieldworkers can now choose "card" as the payment method and then enter card details and the amount they wish to charge the customers card.

Once you have entered details, select "Process payment" and payment will be processed and recorded against the invoice. 

You can view how to use the hosted payment links to collect payments via a link here:

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