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Customer payments using hosted payment links ( Stripe payments )
Customer payments using hosted payment links ( Stripe payments )

Send customers invoice links and get paid faster. Allow them to pay via Credit or debit card instantly

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Get paid faster and make taking customer payments easier with hosted payment links that your customers can pay from the comfort of their own mobile device or computer.

If you would like your customers to have the option to pay you via credit or debit card, you can send them a link where they can view their invoice and pay directly via credit or debit card with our Stripe payments integration.

How to set-up

This process assumes you have already connected Stripe payments. If you haven't please see this article first which will show you how to setup: How to setup stripe payments

Go to settings > Integrations > Stripe payments settings link > Enable payments

If you would like your invoice emails that go out to contain a Pay Now button, you can do this by by going to Settings > Messages & Communications > filtering by invoice emails and then adding your link to the email by using the variables on the right hand side (its under invoice variables; Invoice payment link)

If you want to send a link yourself manually, or you want to see what the invoice looks like for the customer, you can do this by going to the invoice > Click "Invoice payment link"

you can then click the link which you can then use to email your customer directly via your own email client etc. If you want to view it yourself then paste the link in a new browser window to see it.

What your customers see

Your customers will be able to use the payment link on both desktop computers and mobile devices. the will be presented with the invoice on a screen along with options at the top of the screen to pay now or download a copy of the PDF.

Downloading a copy of the Invoice

Your customers can also download a PDF copy of the invoice if required on the top left hand side of the link by pressing the "Download PDF" Button

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