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Converting jobs to quotes
Converting jobs to quotes

Save time on data duplication and convert a job to a quote

Updated over a week ago

You can convert an existing job into a quotation for your customer. This is particularly handy if you have to do pre work surveys or carry out minor works and quote for additional works. It will transfer all of the data from the job over so that you wont have to duplicate information.

In order to do this you need to go to an existing job through the general Jobs section.

Through the job, you click the "Convert to Quote" button which will convert the job into a quote.

The system will then open up a pre populated quote form. You then  have the option to change the Quote's name, description, cost items, files and notes, fieldworker, due date and custom fields. **The customer can also be changed in case you want to create a similar quote for a different customer**

When converting the job to a quote the Cost Items and Files and Notes added on the job will automatically be applied to the quote.

Once the quote is saved it can be sent to the customer and if it is accepted by the customer it can be marked as Accepted and at this point it can be converted to a job again. **The job's name needs to changed in order to avoid duplicating the main job that the quote was converted from.**

For more information on how to convert a quote to a job please see the Converting Quote to Jobs article for more details.

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