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Assigning and Scheduling a Job
Assigning and Scheduling a Job

How to assign an active job to a field worker and schedule the work.

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When you create a new job, either by converting a quote to a job or by creating a new job, you can assign the work to the relevant field worker(s).

This can be done when you first add the job or when editing the job you want to assign.

For those that prefer video guides, we also have a handy Job Management Overview Video, which will walk you through the process.

Assigning a job

Select the job you want to assign and select 'Edit job'.

At the bottom of the 'Job' page you will find the assignment section:

Simple assign

If you do not have skillset or teams setups, you will have a simple option to assign work to their field workers.
The first drop down menu will provide you with a full list of all field workers.

Once you have selected the relevant field worker, you may then select a start and end date for the job's scheduled completion.

Select 'Save' to ensure your changes are updated.

Advanced assign with filtering

By selecting the drop down menu, 'Assigned to' you will be presented with a pop up window:

Assign with skills and/or teams

Assigning using skills and teams enables you to filter only those field workers who are able to complete the work. For example, if the job requires an electrician then by selecting the relevant skills you will only be able to select those field workers who have been designated as 'Electricians'. Teams can be setup to include location based teams e.g. you could call a team London team, or category based "red team" "plumbing team" etc.

Showing available times

You can show and find available times for your fieldworkers by clicking the search, which can be by a specific date if required. you can also search for available times where more then one fieldworker is available together at the same time if you need more than one fieldworker by selecting the fieldworkers you require and then clicking show coinciding availability.

Once you have selected your fieldworkers, click Done (or use next concurring slot if you are multi assigning to two fieldworkers at the same time)

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