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Fieldworker scheduler colour coding
Fieldworker scheduler colour coding
How to colour code your staff members jobs on the scheduler
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Colour code each of your fieldworkers to have better visibility of each fieldworkers jobs when viewing the scheduler

Why colour code?

If you have multiple fieldworkers and use the month or timeline view of the scheduler, you may find viewing difficult as the bricks are all a default grey.

You now have the option to give each of your fieldworkers a custom colour that will be shown on the scheduler when they are assigned a job.

Adding a custom colour to a fieldworker

Go to the Staff Members section in Settings, go to Staff from the left hand side and find the fieldworker you want to colour code and click view

Scroll down to Scheduler colour and use the colour picker to choose the colour you want the fieldworker to have. When you have selected your colour, click update.

All of your fieldworkers jobs on the scheduler will now show in their custom colour coding

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