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Creating and updating staff members
Creating and updating staff members

How to create staff members and set up permissions for field and office staff

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Your staff members both in office and out in the field can be setup within Workever to make teamwork easy.

Within staff members you can:

  • Add or update fieldworkers and office based staff

  • Set permissions for all of your staff members

  • Set rates for your fieldworkers

  • Set the colour that displays on the Cal for each of your fieldworkers

  • Update working hours

Staff members view

To start, click on the 'Settings' icon located on the left hand control panel and then click the staff members tab at the top

You will see a list of your existing staff members and you will have the option to add a new one

Adding a new staff member

Select the 'Add New Staff Member' button at the top of the tab which will open the Add staff member form.

You can start by adding a photo of your member of staff by selecting the 'Add Photo' icon. 

Choose an image from your local or network folders. You can reposition the image to be centralised in the frame as well as use the sliding bar to resize the image.

‘If your photos upload side ways or upside down - please re-save  the image on your computer and deselect any options related to Meta data and try uploading it again’ 

Click 'Save' and you will return to the template to add further information.

You can then enter the following information

  • First Name (required)

  • Last Name (required)

  • Mobile 

  • e-mail (required)

  • Address (Workever will automatically try to auto-guess as you type, simply select the correct address as it appears or manually type in the information)

  • Date started with the company (optional)

You will then need to provide a log-in password which is required to be a minimum of 6 characters long.

Setting up permissions and roles

You can assign roles to your staff members which will restrict or allow certain levels of access within Workever.

If your staff member is office based then you can choose between Office Manager or Office Admin; you can also allocate them to be a Fieldworker in addition if this is applicable.

Office managers have access to the settings section and office admin have access to everything bar the settings section.

Field Workers can be allocated with either Manager, Full or Limited access.

Limited Access

Limited access grants your staff member access only to the Job Manager where they can manage jobs allocated only to them, update job status, take images & notes, track time and sign on/off.

Full Access

Access to the full Workforce system is currently only available in iOS and allows users permission to manage allocated jobs, update job status, take images & notes, track time and sign on/off with the Job Manager.

View, add and edit Jobs, Quotes, Customers as well as access costs, invoicing and pricing information throughout the app.

Field manager

Field manager role allows you to do everything in Full access, plus you can see all fieldworkers jobs (not just your own), filter by fieldworkers and assign work to one or multiple fieldworkers from the mobile App. This is also a good permission level if you work in the office but want to see all jobs and make edits on the go.

Staff Rates

If you're going to be using timesheets or tracking time, you can enter your fieldworker rates

Buy rate: This is the price you pay your fieldworker per hour during normal time

Overtime: This is the price you pay your fieldworker if they work overtime

Standard rate: This is the amount you charge your customer per hour for the time this fieldworker spends working (if they use the job time tracker you can automatically create cost item on that job based on this rate). This rate can be setup in Settings > Billing

Scheduler Colour, Teams and Skills

You have additional options to update the scheduler brick colour for your fieldworkers as well as assign them to teams and assign them skillsets. You can find articles on how to do this below

Don't forget to click 'Save' once you've finished.

Files and notes

You can add files and notes to your staff profiles which is perfect for storing things such as

  • Accreditation documents

  • Contract of employment

  • Any personal notes

To find files and notes go to the files and notes tab down the left

Working hours

you can set global business hours from settings > business hours, but if you need to granularly set or change a specific fieldworkers hours, you can do this from within the staff member section by going to the Working hours tab and updating their hours and days of work

For more information on Businesses hours, see our business hours guide

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