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Managing customer and staff data to comply with GDPR
Managing customer and staff data to comply with GDPR

how to manage your customer and staff member data to comply with GDPR rules

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What is the UK GDPR?

The United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) is the UK’s data privacy law that governs the processing of personal data from individuals inside the UK. The UK GDPR was drafted as a result of the UK leaving the EU, which resulted in the EU-GDPR not applying domestically to the UK any longer. The UK GDPR came into effect on 1st January 2021.

How UK GDPR may affect Workever users?

⦁ Potential customers you have marketed to in the past have to provide consent to say they are happy for you to continue contacting them.

⦁ Existing customers can ask you for data you hold on them or ask you to delete all information you hold on them.

⦁ Existing customers can ask you to stop email and marketing communications.

⦁ Staff members that are currently working at your company can ask for you to confirm what information you hold, Staff that have left your company can also ask for this, as well as ask for all of the data you hold on them to be deleted.

As workforce is not an email marketing platform we do not offer options to batch email customers. The best way of handling this is to export your customer database by doing the following:

Go to Contacts > Export > Click Apply and you will have a report with all your customers. You can also use the filters options if you wish to only export a certain type of customer or if you'd like to export based on a particular custom field.

You can then import this into another tool such as Mailchimp or alternatively manually email them for consent via your current email client. 

How to provide the data you hold on a customer?

If a customer requests information from you on the data you hold, you can do this by filtering the jobs, quotes and invoice lists and exporting them as a CSV file (an example below)

if a customer requests specific information for a particular job, please remember you can provide a Job report which will contain all job information including images, customer signature etc. To do this please go into a job > click job report down the left and then you can either send to the customer or download a PDF copy

How to stop communication to a customer if requested?

If a customer asks you to stop sending communication, you have the option in Workever to switch off messaging for them. To do this go into the customer and untick "Send automatic system emails and messages"

How to delete a customer and all related data?

If a customer requests for all of their data to be deleted, you can do this by going into the customer > edit customer > delete > and confirming you are happy with this. Please not that this will delete all related jobs, quotes, invoices etc for this customer

Providing or deleting information held on your staff members

Workever hold limited amounts of data on your staff members

On the staff members page when you setup your staff members you can add name, tel, email. date of birth etc. while we do not have an automatic way of exporting this data, as its limited you can copy and paste data onto a word or CSV document if requested. Passwords for the user are encrypted so you do not have access to these.

⦁ If you'd like to delete a staff member, go into settings > staff members > find the staff member > delete. This will not remove the staff members name from any historical jobs, the name of the fieldworker will remain on historical jobs, but will be removed from the staff members section, all future jobs and stop email communication. If the staff member requests that you delete their name from historical jobs, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will help action this

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