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Creating Roles & Permissions
Creating Roles & Permissions

How to create custom roles and permissions for admin and field staff to control the information they see

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As a default Workever is setup with 2 roles for office and 3 default roles for field staff

Office roles

  1. Office manager: Access to everything in the web based management system.

  2. Office admin: Access to everything apart from the settings and management sections.

Fieldworker roles

  1. Full fieldworker: Access to everything including invoicing and customer database

  2. Limited fieldworker: Access only to the jobs that they have to be done. No access to customer database and cost/ invoicing.

  3. Field manager: Full access to everything and can see everyones work and can schedule for everyone on the go.

NOTE: Changes made in Roles and Permissions will not affect the default fieldworker or office roles.


Creating custom permissions

You can further restrict what staff members can see and do from within the Roles & Permissions section of your account which can be found by going to Settings > Staff members > Roles & Permissions. 

Examples of what you can do with Roles & Permissions

  • Hide particular statuses from your fieldworkers

  • Hide Quotes/Jobs/Invoice sections from office staff

  • Show Invoices or Quotes to fieldworkers


Adding a new Role 

To add a new role first select + Add new Role 

Once you have done this you can then give your Role a name and decide if the role is for Fieldworkers or office staff.

Once your new role has been saved you can then go into the permissions section and click on the permission set you want to edit

Click on the particular permission you wish to enable or disable for your role and use the tick boxes to select

when you have completed your changed don't forget to click save

Remember that you will then need to go into each staff members profile and allocate this new role to them. you can do this in settings > Staff > view a staff member's profile

Permissions will be effective immediately but your users may need to logout and back in again for them to become active.


If your users have any further issues with permissions becoming active they may need to clear browser cache (for web users) or they can delete and re install the mobile App (for mobile users) 

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