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how to hide and show data on the main jobs screen on the fieldworker mobile Apps

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If you'd like to customise the main jobs screen on the mobile apps so that each job "brick"  shows more or less date or if you want to hide jobs as soon as they are completed, you can do this by going to the fieldworker App settings section

This is can be found in Settings menu -> Work Tab -> Fieldworker App. 

This will hide/show options and details for the fieldworkers on the mobile app.

Bonus: you can watch our full Mobile App Overview video right here.

  1. Hide Completed Jobs from mobile app – show/hide completed jobs on the mobile app scheduler view.

2. Show Job number – by un-ticking this option you will hide the Job IDs on the mobile app.

3. Show customer name – by un-ticking this option the customer’s name will be hidden.

4. Show Site Name – by un-ticking this option the site name will removed from the mobile app, only the address will remain.

5. Show Site Address – by un-ticking this option you will hide the site address for the mobile app.


You can now show site history to your fieldworkers by ticking the bottom box. This means that they can view historical jobs against the site that they are working at to see what happened on that site on previous jobs.

Also, you can choose to 'Hide Internal notes from the mobile app'. If you select this option the mobile app users will not have permission to view the 'Internal' notes.

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