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Event categories

How to categorise and colour code your events

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Events are helpful to record and schedule non job activities such as (but not limited to):

  • Meetings (work or non work related)

  • Holiday recording

  • Sick, absence and medical appointments

  • Collecting parts and equipment

  • Anything you'd like to add to a staff members schedule, but do not want to create a quote or job.

To manage event categories you need to go to Settings -> Work Settings -> Event Categories.

Adding new event categories

To add a new event category simply go to Settings -> Work Settings -> Event Categories -> click the 'Add event category' button.

In the event category pop-up you can add an event category name.

Choose the colour you want the event category, which will be reflected when creating an event with this particular category.

Optionally you can choose a parent category for the new event. (example: you may have a parent category "Holiday" and sub categories "Non paid holiday" and "Paid holiday"). simply choose the '(no parent event category)' if you do not need a parent category.

Once done, Click save.

In Settings -> Work Settings -> Event Categories the parent categories will be displayed under the Parent Category header.

Editing or deleting existing event categories

To change the name, colour or parent category of an existing event category go to Settings -> Work Settings -> Event Categories and click the View button next to the event you want to amend.

Make the necessary changes and click Save.

To delete an existing event category click the View button next to the category in question and then the Delete button.

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