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How to change your password / Login issues
How to change your password / Login issues

How to change your password and how to fix login issues

Updated over a week ago

If you need to change your password or you cannot login, you can do so the following ways:

From within the admin console 

Hover over your name top right and then click my account 


Scroll down to password & Re enter Password and enter a new password for yourself. (Please note that the dots in the password box do not correspond with how many characters you have used in your password, so no need to worry that its the wrong password!)

when you have finished adding your password click update and it will be updated immediately. 

From the Login page

If you cannot seem to login from the login page you can reset you password the following way 

On the login page click Forgot your password?

Enter your email address and click Send email. This will send you an email with a link where you can go and reset your email address. **Please note: If you don't receive an email please remember to check your spam mail. Alternatively contact your account administrator who will be able to help.  

Still having an issue logging in from the web console?

Common issues to check below:Your browser maybe storing old data which is stopping you logging in. you can try and clear your browser history. See our article here if you are not sure how to clear it: Clearing your browser historyShut down your browser and restart. This can sometime clear the problem and you should be able to login. to do this click the X (close button) at the top right hand side of your browser and then restart it again.Submit a ticket. If you are still having an issue feel free to get in touch: submit a ticket  



From the mobile App

If you cannot access the mobile App and wish to change your password you can do this following the steps below

when you open the mobile App click reset pin bottom right hand side

Then click Forgot Password

Enter your email and then click submit. You should then receive confirmation of your old password/ have the ability to change your old password to a new one


If you still have any issues accessing your password and you are a Fieldworker, please contact your system administrator who will be able to help you change your password.

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