When you are ready to subscribe to Workever, you can do this easily from within your account. To do so you will need to go to settings > SUBSCRIPTION

Once you are on the subscription screen, you will be able to choose the package you wish to use and the amount of users you would like to add to the system. 

When selecting the package you wish to use, you can also opt for Annual or monthly. if you opt for annual you will be billed once a year and receive a discount for doing so. Alternatively you may to prefer month to month where you will be billed in monthly billing cycles from the date you subscribe.


Once you have chosen your options, you can click the "Pay" Button which will take you two the payment form where you can enter credit or debit card details. 

Once your payment details have been entered you are now subscribed and ready to start taking your Service business to the next level!


Upgrading or Downgrading your subscription

You can also upgrade or downgrade your package by using the package drop down box. Please note that if you are downgrading you will loose the features in the advanced package as soon as you downgrade.

If you want to increase or reduce your users you can do this by using the + and - buttons.

Please note if you're decreasing you will need to delete the users first in settings > staff members


Cancelling your account 

If you no longer wish to use Workforce, while we'd be sad to see you go, you can cancel your account by sending an email to [email protected]

Or you can click the 'Cancel subscription' option at the bottom of the Subscription page.

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