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How to collect additional data for your Assets using custom fields

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You can collect additional data when adding or editing your assets by using custom fields. If you already use custom fields across the system, the process is the same. If you are new to Workever, you can follow the process below. 

Creating custom fields

Go to settings > Work Settings > Custom fields > Add new

Custom fields on All assets

Select Asset > Choose the type of field, Give your field a name, Activate (if you want it to be seen on your assets straight away) > Click save 

You can also choose to display the custom fields on the PDF Job Sheet and/or Job Report by clicking the 'Show on job report' and 'Show on job sheet' options -> Save.

Custom fields on specific asset categories

You can create a custom field to only be shown on Assets with specific categories e.g. you may want a custom field on assets with the category Lifts

Click select asset category(s) tick box > select the category(s) you want the field attached to > select the type of field > give your field a name > tick active (if you want your field active immediately). 

When you go into an asset, you will now see your new custom field available to be filled in

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