Repeat subsections in forms

how to repeat subsections in forms using bounded and unbounded loops.

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If you need to repeat subsections in your form, you can do this automatically using bounded and unbounded loops. 

What is a bounded loop?

A bounded loop repeats itself an exact amount of times. 

Example: you may have a fieldworker going onsite and you know that every-time he goes onsite, he has to check four pieces of equipment with the same set of questions. For this, you can use a bounded loop which repeats itself four times exactly.

What is an unbounded loop?

An unbounded loop repeats itself as many times as required

Example: The same engineer may need to go onsite and check pieces of equipment, but you have no idea how many pieces of equipment will be there. For this you can use an unbounded loop and let the staff member add the repeats themselves based on what's there. This can be a single repetition or lots of repetitions. 

How to setup a loop?

Add a new form or select an existing form > find the subsection you want to make a loop and click on the subsection heading 

Select the Type dropdown and choose between bounded or unbounded 

with unbounded loops, you can specify an "at least" amount which will mean this loop needs to be filled in at least the amount of times you specify. This will then show as a button for the user to add additional repeats of this while they are working on the form.

Bounded loops are a fixed amount and you can specify the "exact" amount of times it needs to be filled in. The form filler will not have to do anything, and will see all repeats on the form already.

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