How to create custom forms

How to create custom forms using the form builder that can be completed in the office or out in the field.

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The custom form builder will allow you to build any type of form that can then be added to your jobs and filled in from the office or the field.

Building a new form

To start building a new form, go to Settings > Work Settings > Forms > Click "Build a form"

Give your form a name, decide the "type" of form you want to create (this will help you better filter forms if you have a large volume) and optionally provide a brief description of the form. 

once done you click "Save".

Your form will be created in draft mode and you will have a blank canvas where you can start building your form out.

Form Sections & subsections

Form sections help you split your forms up if required. 

If you need a single page form with a few questions, then you can keep your form as a single section, if the form will be long, it's a good idea to split it up into sections which will make it easier for staff to fill it in. 

To add a new section, edit the current section or delete the current section users need to click the three vertical menu dots at the right side of the section dropdown. 

If the Add or Edit option is clicked, the system will display a pop-up where you can rename the sections, add new sections or drag and drop the sections into a different order 

Form Subsections

Subsections help you split a main section up into further sections. 

When clicking on the Subsection header the system will display it's settings on the right hand side of the screen where you can rename it and decide if the section is mandatory to fill in.

Types of fields that can be added to Forms

You can add various types of fields to forms. Each has its own functionalities and use cases. Here's what can be added:

Title and Description: This field is read-only field where you can add a title and a description.

Information field: a simple read-only text field that can be populated with information about the form, section or subsection.

Text Field - is a simple text field that can be filled in. you can make this field single line for smaller answers and multi-line if you need a larger quantity of text 

Date & Time fields: this field can be added to the forms in order for the end-users to select a specific date.

This field can be "Date & Time", "Date only" or "Time only" fields, depending on what you need

Single choice field: these fields will let you choose a single option

New options can be added for this field by clicking the Add option button. The way that the options are displayed can also be changed from the "Display as" field. you can use radio buttons, a dropdown list or standard rectangle buttons.

Multi-choice field: the multi choice field will allow you to choose multiple options at once in a single field. The multi choice field options can also be moved around by clicking the three horizontal lines next to each option.

Checklists: This type of field will allow you to create checklist where options can be ticked off.

If everything has to be ticked off prior to completion, then you can select "All checklist items are required".

Signature field - Add an electronic signature and print name. 

Image selector: This field will allow you to upload files related to the form e.g. photos, PDF, etc. you can specify how many images should be collected using the "No. of images box"

Adding pre-defined data to your fields

If you want to add information such as company details to your forms, and its the same every-time, you can add a text answer that will show as default on all forms, or use variables from your account that will pre populate the information into the field automatically for you. This saves the form filler valuable time and makes completion faster. 

Selecting what to use - you have three options

  1. Empty: this means the field will be left empty and when someone is filling in the form they can add an answer.

  2. Add a default value: This option will allow you to add some text etc in the field that will show on all forms pre populated when they are being filled in. the text can be edited at the point of filling in if required.

  3. Add variable: Variables are pre defined data that is taken from you company settings and job data. it allows you to select things like "Company address" and it will pre populate your company address from settings, meaning you do not have to manually type it. (We will be extending our variables further in future)

Dragging fields onto the canvas 

It's really easy to build your form out. You just need to left click on a field in the left hand menu and drag them onto the middle of the page 

Saving and publishing your form 

Once you have completed your form, you can do one of two things. 

  1. Preview: this will allow you to see the form in PDF format.

  2. Publish: Once you have saved your data you can then publish the form which will make it available to select and fill in from the jobs section. 

All form details will be saved automatically and the last save timestamp will be displayed on top.

NOTE!!! All fields that are not read-only can be made mandatory by accessing the "is required" option from the right hand side of the screens

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