Adding forms to Jobs

How to add Forms to a job that can be completed in office or out in the field.

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Published Forms created through Workforce can be added to jobs ready to be filled in by your fieldworkers or in office.

Adding a form

When creating or Editing a job click Add form

you can keyword search a form and also drill down the "type" of form e.g. Pre work, Post work etc. 

once you have selected the form(s) you want to use, you will see them display below the add form button. You can also add more than one copy of the same form if required. 

Additional Forms may be added at any time by clicking the Add Form button. 

Existing forms can always be removed by accessing the remove button next to the forms.

After doing this click the Save button and your changes will take effect.

Where will I find my forms to be filled in?

Forms to be filled in can be found in the Forms tab which you will see down the left of the job once saved 

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