You can assign forms to jobs through the mobile app downloadable through the App Store. This can only be done by users that have the Fieldworker Full or Field Manager roles assigned to them through Settings -> Staff members.

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Adding new jobs with forms through the mobile app

To add Forms to a new job you will first need to tap the '+' button from the top right hand corner to add a new job.

Whilst filling the job details like customer, job name, description, etc. you can scroll down and tap the Forms section from the job sheet.

In the Forms section you will see all of the forms added to your account, both custom built forms created through the Form Builder and the library forms that were downloaded to your account's library. To assign a form to a job simply select the form you want to add and then the app will go back to the job sheet.

If you want to add multiple forms you will just have to repeat the process described above.

After selecting the form(s) and saving the changes the system will display the form(s) on the job added through the mobile app.

Adding forms to existing jobs

In order to add a form to an existing job you will first need to select the job in question from the jobs list.

After doing that you will need to tap the Edit button from the right hand side of the job list

Now you can scroll down to the Forms section and select the forms you want to add to the existing job.

After selecting the forms you will just have to select Save button from the top right hand side to make sure that the changes are applied.

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