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How to create and store company documents in the cloud

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Company document are a great way to store important company documentation in the cloud within your Workever account. You can store docs and add expiration dates on your documents for easy management.

Documents can be used for storing things like:

  • Training manuals

  • Insurance policies

  • Vehicle documents

  • Company contracts and agreements

  • General policies

  • Health and safety documentation

  • Hire agreements

  • Qualification documentation

Navigating company documents

Company documents can be found down the left hand menu in your account and will be available to all admin users and managers who have access to the web app. Fieldworkers do not have access.

Adding a new document

To add a new document, click the Add new button

Fill in the Add new document form

1. Name

Enter your documents name

2. Description

Enter a description for your document

3. Expires

Optionally set an expiry date if it's a document such as a policy or contract that expires.

4. Upload Doc

Upload your document. This can be an image or files such as word, powerpoint, PDF, excels etc.

5. Note

If you have any notes you'd like to add, you can do so in the notes box.

When you have finished adding your details click "Save"

Editing a document

Editing a document works in much the same way as adding a document.

To get started, find the document you want to edit and click View

Edit the information on the form that you wish to change

When you have finished editing your details click "Save"

Filtering documents

You can filter your documents by

  1. Person who created it

  2. Creation date

  3. Expiration date

this can be done by using the filters option (see below)

You can also search your documents via Keyword

You can also hide / show expired documents

Exporting documents via Excel

You can export an excel list of your documents which will contain the document name, description, creation date, expiration date and any notes you have added.

Tick the documents you want to export, or you can tick the select all box

Then click Apply next to export

You can then choose if you want the excel report emailed to you, or to show on screen with a link to download

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