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How to set up basic company information, regional settings and add a logo.
How to set up basic company information, regional settings and add a logo.

Set what is displayed on your quotes, job sheets/reports and invoices including currency, logo, payment terms and date format

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Getting started in Workever is simple. You can tailor all of your documentation with your company details and logo. You will first need to update your company settings.

From the main dashboard window, select 'Settings' from the left hand menu panel.

You will then be presented with the 'Company Information' screen into which you can update your company name, company address, email, website and TAX/VAT number.

The company tax number will be displayed on all of your invoices.

Scroll down the page to upload your company logo.

This can be replaced at any time by selecting the current logo, clicking replace and uploading a new image. 

Select 'Save' to ensure your logo is safely stored on the system.

Your logo will be displayed on all of your quotes, job sheets, job records and invoices.

Next, you will need to scroll further down the 'Company Information' page to update the regional settings.

From this selection, you can update the country, timezone, currency and your preference in how dates & time are formatted in your documents.

The timezone should be picked up by the system automatically, but you can adjust this manually should you need to.

Currency should be entered as a symbol and not in writing (eg £ not 'GBP', 'pound' or Sterling). 

Dates can be formatted in one of three styles:


Once you have entered all of your information, don't forget to click 'Save' before navigating away from the page.

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