Saved cost items can be added manually through Workever, but if you have many services/cost items to add to Workever you can now do this through an XLS file template that we provide.

To import the cost items you will first need to go to Settings -> Work tab on top -> Saved Cost Items -> click the Import option from the top right hand side.

From the Import box you will then need to click the 'sample file (click to download)' in order to download the .XLS import template file.

After downloading the files you can then fill in the .XLS import template with the cost items details:

  • Item Name

  • Description

  • Buy Price

  • Sell Price

  • Account Code

  • Tax Rate

  • Discount

  • Unit type (fixed price or per hour)

Finally when all of the fields are filled you can go to Settings -> Work tab on top -> Saved Cost Items -> click the 'Import' option -> click the 'Choose File' option -> load the file you have just filled -> Click the 'Import Now' button.

The saved cos items will then be imported to your account and they can be added to jobs, quotes and/or standalone invoices.

NOTE: Please make sure that you don't remove, rename or add additional column headers to the import file in order for the system to properly import the cost items to your account.

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