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Import sites for a contact using an Excel
Import sites for a contact using an Excel

How to batch import sites using the .XLS import function

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Sites help you manage customers who have multiple locations underneath them. 

As an example you can have your main customer as Apple Limited and then stores underneath them (Apple store London, Apple store Manchester, Apple store Glasgow)

Adding sites records in Workever is simple and can be done individually within a contact or you can add multiple site records on a .XLS file through the automatic import function.

How to download the site .xls template file

You can download the file below

Or the .XLS template file can be downloaded by accessing the Contacts section, in order to do that you will need to follow the steps described below:

  1. Go to the Contacts section and go into a contact.

2. Go to the Site section from the left hand menu > select the Import Sites option from the drop-down menu and then click Apply.

3. Finally, click the "sample file (click to download)" link

Populating your file

After downloading the .XLS file you will need to open it using excel or an equivalent and populate the data.  

The header contains information about what should be updated in each column:

site_name - this is a mandatory field, a name must be specified for each site;


latitude -


custom_field - you can add as many extra column headers with the names of custom fields as you want to. All extra headers added after the "longitude" header will be considered custom fields.

IMPORTANT NOTE! The custom fields and preset values (in the case of drop-down custom fields) added to them are case sensitive. If you add an existing custom field name or preset value you must add it exactly as it has been added in the system, otherwise the system will generate a new custom fields or preset value e.g. if the custom field is added in all caps in the system it should be added in all caps in the .xls import file as well.

Importing the Sites file

After adding all of the information to the file and saving it as an .XLS file (important to ensure you've saved it in the correct format) , go to the contact in question, access the Sites section > choose the Import Sites option > click Apply. When the import box is displayed the user will need to access the "Choose file" option and load .XLS template in order for the sites to be imported.

In cases where you have an ongoing Site list you can always add new entries to the file, keeping the old ones, and when imported again the system will detect the existing sites and only load newly added ones.

ATTENTION! If you add new custom fields you will have the option to "Add unmatched custom fields as new ones" in order to add the new custom fields or "Ignore unmatched custom fields" to simply ignore them and not add them as new custom fields.

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