Connecting Xero and Workever

How to integrate Xero accounting software with Workever

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Workever connects seamlessly with Xero accounting to remove data duplication, tedious admin and increase productivity. 

What can you sync?

  • Contacts: You can sync your contacts both ways. This means that if you create a customer in Workever they will be created in Xero and if you create a customer in Xero they will be created in Workever.

  • Tax rates & Chart of accounts: All of your tax rates and accounts will be synced both ways between Xero and Workever

  • Saved cost items: All saved cost items will be synced between Workever and Xero. Any changes you make in either will be visible in both applications.

  • Invoices: Invoices created in Workever will automatically sync over to Xero. All changes to invoices that are made in either Workever or Xero will be reflected in both applications.

  • Payment: Payments added to invoices will be synced between both Workever and Xero. This means you can add a payment in Workforce or In Xero and it will be recorded in both systems. 

How to get started

To get started you will need an active Workforce and Xero account. You can set these up here , 

Step 1 - The basics

Login to your workever account  and go to settings > Integrations > Click "Connect" next to the Xero integration 

Step 2 - Connecting to Xero 

You will then be directed to Xero where you can login to your Xero account and then choose which Xero account you wish to sync and "allow access"

Step 3 - Choosing what to sync

you will then be redirected back to the Workever integration page where you will now have the option of going to "settings" and you should also have a tick and "active" above to confirm everything is connected

You have the option to choose what data you would like synced in the settings section, so you don't have to worry about data you don't want pulling through to Workever. 

  • Start date: you can choose to sync over data from a specific date. As an example you may only want to sync from July of the last year or from today onwards. 

  • Create/update Invoices: sync over invoices from Workever to Xero.  

  • Sync chart of accounts and account classes: sync over your chart of accounts and classes for each account

  • Sync saved cost items: sync over your saved cost items such as labour rates and services you provide etc

  • Sync taxes: sync over all of your tax rates. You can also map existing Workever tax rates to tax rates in Xero so you do not create duplicates

  • Sync contacts: Choose what types of contacts to sync. Customers (residential and commercial), suppliers or uncategorised.

  • Show links to Xero: this will allow you to go directly into Xero from within a contact or invoice in Workever without having to login to each system all the time 

  • Default payment account: choose the default bank account that customers pay money into when you invoice them

  • Default cost items account: choose the  default cost item account (this is when you are adding costs to a job or invoice to classify the item in Xero e.g. "200 sales"

Step 4 - Sync completion

On successful sync all of your data will now be in both systems. You can check this by going to your contacts, chart of accounts and anything else you have requested to sync over. Whenever you create a new contact, cost item, invoice or tax rate in Workever or Xero you should see it appear in both system within one hour maximum. The system generally sync's every 60-90 minutes.

Questions, Limitations and things to think about 

  • Sync time: Data will automatically sync to Xero every 60 - 90 minutes.

  • How do I know if an invoice has synced? You will be able to see the invoice in Xero but you should also see a blue "View in Xero" button within the invoice page in Workever which will confirm its been synced over

  • What if I cant see something synced? This generally means there is an error on the item and you should look in the sync error tab. If you still cannot fix the issue after looking at this, then reach out to support who will help you.

  • Contacts: Contacts sync bi directionally between Xero and Workever. Wherever you make a change, it will be reflected in both places.

  • Stock (tracked inventory) does not sync between Workforce and Xero.

  • Invoices: Invoices created in Xero will not be synced over to Workever. All invoices created in Workever (both ad hoc created in the invoice section, and invoices created within a job will both sync over to Xero)

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