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How to Void invoices synced to Xero
How to Void invoices synced to Xero

Mark invoices synced to Xero as Void directly through Workever

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When there is an error with a customer's invoice you can Void it instead of deleting the invoice. Voided invoices will become uncollectible, you will not be able to pay them and they will not be added to the customer's overdue or outstanding balance.

How to Void an invoice that is synced to Xero

In order to be allowed to Void an invoice, the invoice must be first synced to Xero.

NOTE: In order for the 'View in Xero' button to be displayed you will need to make sure that the 'Show links to Xero (links will show in job, invoice & customer record)' option is enabled in Settings -> Integration -> Xero Settings. For more information on how to set up your Xero integration please check the Connecting Xero and Workever article.

If the invoice is synced to Xero the system will display a 'Void Invoice' button when viewing the invoice.

If you press the 'Void Invoice' the system will change the invoice's status to 'Invoice Void'. This information will then be synced to Xero with the next auto-sync process (which runs every 60-90 minutes).

NOTE: If the 'Void Invoice' button is pressed the system will display a confirmation message, this process cannot be undone. Once the invoice is Void, the status can't be changed to anything else e.g. Issued, Overdue, Paid, etc.

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