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Hiding cost item details on quotes
Hiding cost item details on quotes

How to hide cost item details on the quote PDF

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You can now customize the cost item related data on the quote PDFs. User may remove cost item related data from the quote PDFs.

Depending on your needs you can remove:

  • Quantities

  • Unit Costs

  • Line item totals

  • Taxes

  • Totals

These details are removed for each quote individually. These details cannot be removed for all quotes.

Removing cost item details for a quote

In order to remove these details you will need to go to the Quotes section and view a quote.

Then, while on the quote sheet, go to the Cost Items section.

Here you can see the cost items added to the quote and their respective details. Through this section you can also remove the cost item details

You can now un-tick the details that you do not want your customers to see on the quote PDFs

After un-ticking the details you want to remove from the PDF the system will automatically save the changes made to this particular quote.

You can now go back to the quote sheet and click the "Preview Quote" button to view the PDF and what your customer will see.

The quote can now be sent to the customer by clicking the "Send Quote" button on the quote sheet. You can check the screenshot below to see the difference between a normal quote and a quote with cost item details removed.

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