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Exporting Jobs
Exporting Jobs

How to export a customised .xls report of jobs.

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Details of your jobs can be exported in an .xls format for use in external reporting and can be customised to allow you to report on specific jobs.

Exporting Jobs

You can use the same preset selections which you define to filter the view of your jobs to export with (see 'Filtering Jobs' for help).

When you save a filter view preset, this is also saved to the system for use when exporting jobs using the reports section. For further details on how to export and download job reports, see 'Using reports'.

You can also export jobs directly from the jobs dashboard using the 'Export Jobs' option from the drop-drown menu on the main toolbar.

This option allows you to export only those jobs which you have selected using the tick box radials beside each individual job. You can use the filter options to display the jobs you want to export and then select 'All' jobs using the top level tick box.

Or you can manually select only those jobs you wish to export.

Once you have made your selection, select 'Apply' and a .xls file will automatically be exported to your default downloads folder.


So, you'd like to export a file based on all those jobs that are scheduled for a specific date range.

Start by selecting the filters menu and on the 'Status & Priority' sub-menu, de-select all under the status heading and select the radial tick box beside 'Scheduled'.

Now, select  'Date' on the sub-menu and choose the date range you wish to report on.

Select 'Apply' to refresh the display.

The jobs dashboard will now display only those jobs which have been scheduled between the selected dates.

By clicking on the top level radial beside the jobs, all of these jobs will be selected.

Now, select the 'Export Jobs' function before clicking 'Apply'.

Your exported file will now be available in your downloads folder.

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