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Viewing site history
Viewing site history

How to view site history on jobs

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You can view the history of a saved site as long as it has jobs created for it. This will be helpful if you want to see what jobs have been completed for a specific site. You can also view notes files and attachments.

To do this you will need to view a job through the general Jobs section.

On the job sheet you will then need to scroll down to the Site Address section.

Then click the 'View site history' button next to the site address (underneath the site location map).

After clicking the 'View site history' button the system will open a 'Site History' pop-up where you can see all jobs added for this particular site.

In the 'Site History' sheet you will see job details like job reference number, job name, scheduled date and job description.

You can click the 'View More' button to see the notes and files added for that particular job.

NOTE: The 'View site history' option will only be displayed if its a saved site address.

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